The Bolivar Sportsman’s Club has been accepted into a Forest Management Plan administered by the United States Department of Agriculture.  The program is designed to not only improve our forest but also the quality of our property for which it is intended.  To provide quality hunting and other outdoor activities for it’s members.


Our first step will be to choose a technical service provider from a list provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and then enter into a contract with the TSC to provide a complete written proposal on how we must manage the 267.6 acres involved.  We believe this should be completed within the next six to eight weeks.


We have entered this program for several reasons, first to better manage our property and second to be able to keep our property affordable in relation to taxes.


We are currently in a CAUV program that considerably lowers our property taxes and were advised by them to enter a forest program or risk losing our CAUV status.  If this were to happen, we could no longer afford to maintain the properties that our members have worked so hard and long to acquire.


First and most important is the best interest of the Bolivar Sportsman’s Club and all of the members.  We as officers will be asking you for a lot of help to implement this time consuming program.  Please be committed to help all that you can when you can.


Thank you in advance!

From the officers of the Bolivar Sportsman’s Club